Holding onto the memory

Ok – so I’ve been distracted this week…

And I find myself wanting to relive Saturday and somehow hold onto the memory of every mile, every minute (which is really pretty darn funny, because I would guess that as I was running the race – I was probably pretty darn happy to forget each mile!).

But – memory doesn’t work that way, especially not mine (sometimes I am like a goldfish – but at least that means that everything is new to me!).  And – the course was a single road, in fog – so a lot of it blends together.  I thought I would just jot down whatever came to mind.

  • The bus ride which, despite the great company, felt way longer than I thought it would – all I could think was, “I really have to run that distance back in?”
  • The two old guys at the start chatting (mostly with each other) but occasionally with me
  • Great volunteers at water stops – so organized, so friendly; often they would call my name out (our names were on our bibs)
  • A few glimpses of the lake and some sounds of lapping water
  • A woman being so excited to talk to her friend (who was spectating but then ran beside her for a short bit) that they kept running sideways and almost took me out.  I actually had to say “please don’t run into me”
  • College kids offering beer on the side of the road (and one runner went to take one)
  • Other college kids holding out a beer funnel
  • Yet other college kids offering tequila shots (which I don’t like on a good day!)
  • Funny signs:  Poop now run later – no wait, run now, poop later
  • One spectator yelling out that a course record had been set 2:09 (which is cool, but also just makes you realize how not fast you are, when you think you are being blazingly fast; and also you realize that, well, other people are already done)
  • Wondering if any of the spectators calling out my name were curlers – because I was so surprised that everyone pronounced my name perfectly (that never happens!)
  • “Speeding” past lots of other runners (mostly guys) in the last mile
  • The super organized volunteers handing out medals – they stood in columns of about five deep; each person had a slew of medals around their arms.  I imagine when the person in front ran out – the next person moved up and the first person went to refill.  Really efficient!
  • The mylar blanket that I really didn’t think I needed at the finish – but was grateful for about 20 minutes later


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