In about a week and a half, I will be flying to Sochi, Russia.  I am lucky enough to have been signed up for a role helping NBC with their curling broadcast during the Olympics.  Very exciting (although with all of the bombings and terrorist news, certainly a bit worrisome too).  My official title is “curling researcher” and I believe I’ll be based at the International Broadcast Center.  My contact explained that even though my primary responsibility is to curling, that I should expect to support any sport (I think we’re in a bit of a research pool). Continue reading

Mixed Nationals semi-finals

Ok – I’m moving backwards in time, but there’s lots of reasons I want to write a little about the semi-final game at Mixed Nationals.  First – it was an incredibly emotional win as it was such a close game and we had very nearly let it slip out of our grasps.  Second – Elle LeBeau (plays out of Seattle, but on the Arizona team at Mixed Nationals) had captured video of the final two shots – which was pretty awesome.  Third – lots of people have asked us how we stole two in the final end to win the game. Continue reading

Early October fun

It’s been a long time – but it’s time to get back on the horse again and write some blog entries.  Derek and I have been talking over the last couple of years about how we need to stop getting overcommitted – but we still haven’t figured out the trick to that.  So we are definitely overcommitted for the fall/winter this year.  October is the start of it. Continue reading