Continuing the celebration

Ok – maybe I’m milking this for too much, but it’s a huge accomplishment for me and I feel so incredibly relieved and proud to have it behind me.

When we arrived home – my good friend Sarah arrived at the same time for a visit!  We spent two days wandering around Albuquerque – it was so much fun to show her my new home.  And we had a bit of wine (yes the giraffe helped me celebrate my BQ):


Then – about a year ago – Pandora introduced a peacock charm.  Which was pretty perfect since my running group calls itself Team Peacock.  But I told myself that I wouldn’t get it until I qualified – and really had something to “peacock” about for!  But – now that the time has come, I realized that I wasn’t 100% certain about the peacock charm.  I hadn’t been wearing that bracelet that much.  But I went to the Pandora store to look at it – and found something that I loved more:  their essence line.  I got a beautiful bracelet with three charms representing faith (amethyst), confidence, and strength (onyx).  I felt that those three sentiments really captured what I needed to see this whole thing through.  It’s my BQ bracelet:


Finally – we already had this planned (so it wasn’t really a celebration) – but Derek and I took our first hot air balloon ride on Saturday!  Another 50 by 50 item knocked off the list!  It was really wonderful – the ride was so smooth and peaceful.  I was amazed at the control they had vertically.  There wasn’t much wind, so when we were trying to land – we couldn’t quite get to the desired landing spot.  Our pilot ended up having to land in a cul-de-sac!  I was a little anxious, but just trusted him as he seemed really in control.  And his landing was amazingly pinpoint.     IMG_1888 IMG_1897 IMG_1901 IMG_1907 IMG_1918  IMG_1921

The Elephant Bar

Well, we probably shouldn’t have, but we ended up going out to eat Saturday night – too pooped from all the running to make dinner.  We have been eating out a lot since moving here – but I think that’s partly because we’re still checking out the place.  We decided to go to the Elephant Bar – Derek has been here before, but it was new to me!  I guess it is a bit of a chain – with locations in California and Florida – but just this one in New Mexico.  The Elephant Bar is located in ABQ Uptown – a somewhat upscale, outdoors mall.  We called ahead – which was great – because when we arrived – the place was hopping and we probably would have had a much longer wait. Continue reading

Pajama People Pizza Run

Along with exploring sites and restaurants in Albuquerque – we’re really diving into running out here.  We’ve done a bunch of running with the Albuquerque Road Runners – joining their Saturday and Sunday runs with regularity.  It’s a wonderful group of friendly people – so it’s really helped our transition. Continue reading


In our continuing effort to explore Albuquerque – we made plans for Friday night with friends to go to Explora!  “Explora!” is a science museum in Albuquerque and about once a month – they host adults’ nights – which is a brilliant idea.  Because going to a science museum and watching kids interact with exhibits – not all that interesting.  Getting to play with the exhibits yourself – ka-ching! Continue reading

Streetfood Asia

Derek had received a LivingSocial deal at Streetfood Asia – so we figured we would go and check it out.  Streetfood Asia is located in Nob Hill, a trendy area of downtown.  It is a popular restaurant and serves, well, street food from Asia!  Dumplings, buns, rice and noodle dishes, tofu, etc. often done in different styles – styles that reflect six different countries:  China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand.  As you can see – the night we went, it was bustling:

IMG_1631 Continue reading

Corrales Wine Loop

On my first full Saturday (and weekend) in Albuquerque, I wanted to make sure we really started to make good on our intention to explore Albuqerque, New Mexico, and the Southwest.  Since we don’t really have time this weekend to go far, we chose to do something in town.  There are several wineries in the area, and we decided to try a few in Corrales – a small town across the river from Albquerque.  We didn’t know it when we started – but they call this the Corrales Wine Loop. Continue reading

El Patron

Well – we had all the best intentions of making dinner at home, particularly since both of us have put on a few pounds in December and with the holidays and the cross-country drive – there was a lot of eating out.  But, after a day of building furniture, and the apartment still largely unpacked and in disarray – we were too tired to cook and work around all of the unfinished items.  So – we headed out to eat. This time, we decided to try a New Mexican restaurant that is very close to our apartment – El Patron on Montgomery Blvd NE. Continue reading

First runs in Albuquerque

Albuquerque is a running mecca it seems – Derek has mentioned that he has seen the Japanese women’s (marathon?) team training here as well as several very fast looking African men.  And everyone is outdoors running, biking, walking, etc.  To make some friends and get to know the area, we joined the Albuquerque Road Runners.  Derek signed us both up in October and he has joined several of their group runs as well as attended the monthly meetings.  Plus – Albuquerque is sunny 310+ days of the year – so great running weather.  Of course – lots of people train here because of the altitude!  So that makes adjusting to running here a bit harder :). Continue reading

Flying Star Cafe

Flying Star Cafe is a local chain – they bill themselves as a local chain of cafes with a wide selection of comfort food and desserts.  The location we’ve been to is on Paseo del Norte.  In our few visits – we have already grown to love this place.  The menu is extensive with a wide array of tasty items and, so far, everything we’ve tasted has been delicious and fresh.  The restaurant exudes friendliness and a real community feel – it’s always been buzzing whenever we’ve been with lots of tables of happy, chatting groups. Continue reading