The Elephant Bar

Well, we probably shouldn’t have, but we ended up going out to eat Saturday night – too pooped from all the running to make dinner.  We have been eating out a lot since moving here – but I think that’s partly because we’re still checking out the place.  We decided to go to the Elephant Bar – Derek has been here before, but it was new to me!  I guess it is a bit of a chain – with locations in California and Florida – but just this one in New Mexico.  The Elephant Bar is located in ABQ Uptown – a somewhat upscale, outdoors mall.  We called ahead – which was great – because when we arrived – the place was hopping and we probably would have had a much longer wait. Continue reading

Epcot Food & Wine 2013

For the third year in a row, Derek and I headed to WDW and Epcot for the Food & Wine Festival.  This is absolutely one of our favorite times of the year to go to WDW and one of our favorite events.  This year, we were living in different locations as Derek had already moved out to Albuquerque, so we arrived at different times on Saturday.  Lucky me, I arrived early enough that day to partake in “Taste, Shake, and Indulge like the French” – a Grand Marnier tasting at the France pavilion.  I had convinced Beth, Noel, Carlos, and Eileen to join me for this (yeah, ok, it wasn’t hard to convince them) – although I would have gone alone. Continue reading

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

I can not say enough great words about this recipe book.

When I decided to get a new home ice cream maker last fall, I asked my chef friend Emilia if she had any recommendations for ice cream recipe books.  She immediately said – Jeni’s.  Since then – it’s been true love 🙂

The book itself is a joy to read – without even making the ice creams.  She offers a great introduction all about her business and the art of ice cream making.  And then the recipes! She arranges them by season and they are mouth-watering to flip through.  At first, the recipes seem a little intimidating – as they involve cooking the milk/cream mixtures, sometimes making add-ins, etc.  But they really aren’t hard to make at all.

We’ve already made many of them, and, perhaps the best thing, is that the enticing recipes and our success-to-date makes me super eager to try out more.  Our record to date:

  • Banana ice cream with caramelized white chocolate freckles – A complete winner, truly incredible
  • The milkiest milk chocolate – intense and fudgy
  • Queen City Cayenne chocolate – I really liked this and the kick of pepper at the end
  • Ohio State Buckeye – another winner
  • Roasted strawberry – this was good, but a little buttermilk-y for me; although it kept growing on us as we ate more of it
  • Roasted pistachio – yum, yum, and yum
  • Backyard mint – definitely tasted fresh, but for us – it turned out a bit grassy – we’re not sure if we use a different type of mint if that would be different; still tasty and we’re inclined to try it again to see if we can make it better
  • Baked rhubarb frozen yogurt – a nice tart flavor

And our most recent – and a huge favorite – sweet corn ice cream with raspberry



The other amazing thing about these recipes – is that the texture and consistency comes out perfectly.  We definitely look like pros with these ice creams!